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      I have just had my Bavaria 34 out of the water for her annual maintenance. there was some play in the rudder bearings so I dropped the rudder for a full inspection and was delighted to find that the bearings sit in spherical pockets formed in the hull and deck mouldings. What was disappointing is that, to prevent the bearings from rotating against the mouldings they should have been glued in, but this was apparently never done. My solution was to set them in Sekaflex 291 and then replace and adjust the bearings by tightening up the rudder stock nut above the deck to pull the bearings as tight as possible into the hull and deck mouldings. After the Sekaflex had set, I backed off the adjuster nut, (locking ring with two holes) to allow free movement of the rudder. Its important to use plenty of grease to prevent the Sekaflex from getting onto the rudder stock.
      Does anyone know what the rudder stock is made of as it is grey in colour and does not look to be ordinary stainless steel. Mine is showing some minor pitting where the stock enters the fiberglass of the rudder blade and I don’t know if this is a problem developing.
      The rudder is also showing lots of very small blisters in the gel coat which I assume is osmosis.
      Would like to hear from anyone who has had similar experience and can advise.

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