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      I am trying to have a bimini made in the UK for my 1999 B36 Holiday. However, the boat is in France so there is no access to it for measurements. Can anyone confirm (or not) that B36s are all the same size as we cannot find a “holiday” version nearby to measure? Or does anyone have such an item they no longer need?


        Hi Peter,
        To my knowledge there has only been one model of the 36 made which ran from 98 or 99 to 2004/05.
        The Holiday version was made for predominantly the Meditterranean market/charter market with a different internal layout but all the deck mouldings should be the same.
        If you contact someone like C & J Marine Textiles in Chichester they can hopefully confirm that as they have for years done the canvas work on all newly commissioned Bavarias in the UK so may well have done a Holiday version in the past.


          Hi Peter, have a 1997 Holiday 35 which has a bimini which was made to fit in early 2009 by a company in Gosport who’s name i cannot remember at the moment, its quite extensive with zip on sides and rear to protect from the sun as it gets lower, plus a zip on cover. And as back in the UK and no intention of returning to warmer climates it could be for sale.

          Ed Holmes

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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