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      I wonder if anyone could help with the following wish list! Any advice, anyone who has had these mods done. or would like similar mods on their boat , or anyone who knows companies who undertake such work? I own a Bav. 37 2007 model, and I’m based on the Medway in Kent.

      1) Stainless steel radar arch to perhaps take mainsheet track and form support for cockpit enclosure.

      2) Windscreen to fit raised curve where a sprayhood would fit-I saw one on the new moody up at the boat show and it looked really neat, complete with s/s frame that would then take a sprayhood. Results in a neater looking less ‘pram’ like sprayhood!

      3) A german mainsheet system termanating at two winches (where the spinnaker winch base mouldings are)

      4) Leather upholstery to settes

      5) This is more of a diy mod has anyone built or had built something to close of the gap beneath the removable helmsman seat- maybe even just a couple of tracks and a washboard kind of affair albeit with cut outs to facilitate good drainage!

      Many thanks, Garry,


        Dave Goodwin – Stainless Marine Fabrications, near Fareham, tel 01329 841114, will do any stainless fabrication you need. I’ve had several items made by him – v good quality, and a nice chap to deal with.

        CJ Marine will recover your cushions with Leather – our’s were done for the previous owners and so far no complaints.



          Thanks for that John (Lazy Pelican) , Garry



            I have no idea of the costs but I understand that you can buy the leather seat covers from Bavaria, it maybe worth having a conversation with Clipper Marine to see if you can still buy the covers and at the same time you could ask if they can recommend some suppliers in your area for the remaining items on your wish list.




              Your item 5. The spot below the helmsmans butt.

              Take a look at the link to the US Bavaria owners, under upgrades and modifications find “Le Grand Perogue” they have an impressive arrangement which allows them to have a petrol generator running, no doubt to keep the ice maker working!

              I fancy doing the same, it looks like some kind of nylon block board they have used. The lanyard on the removeable seat is a good idea!



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