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      Hello , I am considering buying a 2001 Bavaria 42 but am struggling to clarify the original spec of the boat or a copy of the original brochure. Having trawled the web for clarity it seems that some are 13.40m LOA, some are 12.75m and clipper marine the Bavaria importer have told me its 12.55m LOA. Does any know for sure what length they were or maybe there were 3 different 42s. Also I heard that Bavaria used a kevlar component in the hull construction. Anyone know which models and when they used this technique. Thanking you all for your help.


        Good evening,

        We have a 2005 42 which is just as shown in this link if it helps.



          From what I can find out the 2001 Bav 42 was built between 1999 and 2001 and was one of the last Lloyds Registered designs that they built before it was replaced by the 44 towards the end of 2001.
          The Kevlar reinforcement is built into the hull layup around the bow, anchor locker and forward sail locker.
          I’m afraid I can’t confirm the LOA but suspect the the 12.55 quoted by Clipper is correct. The 13.40 length sounds more like the 44.


            I have eventually found out the specs of a 1998-2001 Bavaria 42.
            They are 13.40m LOA (44ft)
            If anyone would like a copy of the brochure and specs let me know.

            In the meantime can anyone point me in the right direction for a new set of sails, (Gen and furling main). Or has anyone got a decent set they would like to sell.



              I have a B40 and I replaced my furling main with one from Maxiroach with vertical battens. I am pleased with the performance. Also just bought new Mylar Tri Radial Cut foresail from Shore Sails at Swanwick. Ben at Shore Sails was very knowledgeable and helpful. (I am not sure which part of the UK you are in so this may not be much help.)


              John, Loblolly


                Hi I have a B42 2000 model with the original documentation in German from Bavaria Yachtbau Giebelstadt/Wurzburg It states the “Gesamtlange” (Length Overall) as 13.4 meters and the “Lange Rumpf”(length hull) as 12.95 meters “Lange Wasserlinie” (length waterline) as 11.15 meters. Hope this helps.

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