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      I have just bought a 2001 bavaria 42. Does anyone know how to swap from using one water tank to another? There are obviously two tanks bow and stern, at the moment we are using the front tank, but when the water runs out it does not automatically switch to the stern tank. Help!!!!! 🙁


        I’ve got a 38 Ocean with 2 tanks. The changeover valve on Playtime is located in a cupboard in the heads, together with the water pumps and shower drain filter. The valve has a red handle.

        Is there an equivalent cupboard on the 42?

        If not, no doubt a 42 owner will be along shortly to give you the right answer!



          Many thanks, I’ll have a look when I am back on the boat on Thursday. 🙂


            If it’s the same as the 44, the changeover handle should be in the aft heads close to the water pump.


              You are all quite correct, it is in the aft heads under sink cupboard, red lever on the rear bulkhead just above the pumps. From memory, 12 o’clock is bow tank, 3 o’clock is aft tank with the aft tank being substancially larger of the two.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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