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      ❓ We are seriously considering buying a new 42 and have been offered a really good deal.
      Any advice or comments from members would be appreciated.


        We bought a new 42 last year which was delivered to Slovenia. We have been very pleased. Fantastic value. I think the only problem has been a faulty fridge which cost €20 to get fixed.
        She sails very well and has been a total pleasure. We have already sailed/motored over 2500 miles up and down the Adriatic.


          We also bought our 42 last year and are very pleased with the way she performs. Our seatrial to bring “Overdraught” to homeport started off in a nice 15kt breeze and ended up in 35kt. With 2 reefs in the main and a very much furled up head sail, the boat handled the wind and waves beautifully. Needless to say we were quite impressed.

          I am quite pleased by the overall fit and finish of the Bavarias. The access to systems is great. Biggest glitch so far has been the heads and the top loading fridge having a faulty thermostat. Other than that minor stuff like adjusting some locker doors etc.

          I believe that you will be quite happy if you purchase this vessel. I know my wife and I are.


            😆 I am absolutely delighted with my B42 bought new in 2005. The teething problems as others have found were the thermostat on the fridge and the heads did not have the proper lead weight which is on the spares!

            I also found the rudder was not put on tight enough. It was tightened by ten more turns!

            The wind vent was not sealed properly and leaked when “shipping it green” over the deck.

            The Selden in mast furling would be very stiff in the boom because the outhaul would come off the plastic runners. This was not a Bavaria problem but a Selden one. The agent knew all about this weakness and installed a runner along the top of the boom. It works a treat.

            Recently the Log went and had to be replaced and the screws under the seat on the transom bent and came out and were replaced by nice teak supports.

            She sails well, fast and safely. I was caught out in 45 knots off St Albans Head. I was worried about me but not about the boat. The Volvo D55 engine is superb and drives along at 8 knots. The newer boats have only a 40Hp which is adequate.

            The accommodation below is well planned, attractive and spacious. Above all the value was astonishing. I love her dearly!

            I have to say I prefer her to the new B43 which does not look as strong.

            James (Alana III)

            James (Alana III)

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