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      I have a Bavaria Holiday 35 and I have owned her since late 2003, and although I am generally happy with the boat, she is however very prone to broaching in winds between 15-20 knots if I have not reefed the sails. So has anybody any thoughts on increasing the weight of the keel, and how the best way to fit extra weight. And even above 20’knots with reefed sails she is very prone to broaching

      Ed Holmes Storm Dragon


        Ed I would say you need to be reefing at anything more than 15 knots apparent wind in that boat. Especially with the the big genoa they have. Adding more weight will change the performance and put more stress on the rigging.

        Hope that helps. Ant.


        I get the same. I find that as the wind builds, I reef the main but leave all the genoa out, until I get to a point at about 20kts+ where I’m just on the jib alone (the boat sails upwind and tacks fine without a main on). Other option is to knock some vang off to get the pressure out of the top of the main.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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