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      Can anyone point me to a supplier of a bimini for my bavaria 34 which i have just purchased in Greece.I shall no be back there until April and would like to take with me.I am interested in anyone contacting me regarding a supplier of a suitable holding tank.


        I can recommend C&J Marine Textiles from Chichester. They made all the original canvas work for our B34 in 2002 and we have recently had a new cover for the spray hood and a complete cockpit enclosure and the quality, fit and price were all good. You will find them on line or tel 01243-785485.
        With regard to a holding tank. I manufactured my own from glass fibre as the one on offer from Opal marine was rather small and they fitted them in the starboard cockpit locker. Ours is shaped to occupy the space under the floor of the same locker, just ahead of the fuel tank. If you want details get in touch.


          Thank you for coming back to me so quickly.Would you mind giving me the sizes of the holding tank you made please? I will contact C & J Marine next week.


            Sorry I don’t have the size of the holding tank and my boat is in Brittany, but having said that if you can find another owner who will let you make a template on his boat this would be better. You need to look at the space available ahead of the fuel tank and plan the width of the tank and the length of the tank so that it will just fit between the front of the fuel tank and the timber frame that holds the removable boards to the locker base. This means that you can drop the tank into place and then push it forward to fix against the bulkhead. The reason you need to make a template is to follow the curve of the inside of the hull to get the maximum capacity. I set my tank on a 5mm rubber pad to prevent abrasion of the tank/hull.
            The inlet/outlet/breather pipe entry was purchased from Cleghorn, together with a filter for the breather. The outlet suction pipe is positioned to the lowest corner of the tank and the pump for emptying is fixed to the bulkhead above the tank and operated through the open cockpit locker. I think the capacity is about 40 litres.
            If you need more detail let me know.


              C&J certainly do do a good job (all of my canvas work is by them) but they are a bit pricey!
              I have just had a cruising chute made by Jeckles and the service has been excellent.
              When the chap came to measure up (truely bespoke!) he noticed the canvas work and commented on it….. he went on to say that their work is as good and half the price! (may be worth a ring?)

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