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      Hi Folks
      Holding tank is not emptying , its 75% full so cant open the inspection hatch to rod it out , any tricks too unblock it ? , can I rod it from the outside or plunge it as the seacock is at sea level , any ideas or tricks of the trade ? Bavaria 38 cruiser 2008 , thanks. :mrgreen:


        Hi Ring me on 07931 736 582 my mobile, just sorted out the same problem last month any time up till 10pm

        rgds Ray


          I have heard that if you block the ventilator pipe then pumping more water into the holding tank will raise the pressure in the tank and this will force the contents out almost like using drain rods at home.

          Hope this helps.


            I assume you are well sorted by now, but here is a solution that worked on my tank:

            1) Select tank sea-cock to open
            2) Wrap approx three turns of insulating tape around the end of the dinghy foot pump and jam it in the deck pump-out access pipe.
            3) Have someone cover the small tank vent (located on the hull) with a rag.
            4) Pump the dinghy foot pump a few times to pressurise the holding tank and wait a moment or two.
            5) Observe the full contents empty in (excuse me) one large pressurised cloud into the sea.

            Good luck.


              I’ve just seen an article in the practical section in Practical Boatowner Page 76 (July 2011) where Geoff Race has made a gizmo for unblocking the holding tank on his Bav 34.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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