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      This coming Satuday 26 Oct.
      Please come if you can.
      The Waters Edge Resturant, on the Mercury marina.
      1800. Still room for the evening dinner.

      Mooring available in Mercury.


        Hi Bill
        Having just caught the end of News at Ten where they show the newspaper headlines for tomorrow, the Daily Express are warning of storms with winds up to 90mph within the next 7 days.
        If that’s the case I don’t mind sailing to Mercury but getting back in over Chichester bar on the Sunday at close to low water could be a bit dodgy so I may well stay safely on my berth. 😆
        Mind you if it was the Daily Mail saying that I’d completely ignore it!


        Windguru is saying 32kts with gusts to 53kts for Monday.


          Simon Keeling now suggesting gusts to 70 mph on Sunday afternoon.
          Based on that I won’t even be on the boat, never mind being on my berth. Might pop to boat tomorrow and double up the lines!

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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