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      Hello, I have just purchased an early Bavaria 34 yatch “AquaBirda” and looking at adding a Bow Thruster and wanted to find the right unit, size and position as the vessel has a very flat bottom it looks like it needs to be mounted a fair distance from the bow. I hope someone can help as it looks link I have two options either a 140/150 tunnel or  5okgf or 178/180 60kgf ? Many Thanks Dave




        I have a Bavaria 34 too … and am planning to have a Bow Thruster fitted.

        You are correct its a “fair distance from the bow” and you may also have a bow water-tank that dictates the Bow Thruster location. The installing dealer surveyed the installation today and when he sends me an estimate with thruster specification I will pass on the details. I think from memory the 60kgf was the correct product due to location and the long tunnel required.

        My boat is in Poole Yacht Club – and I have seen the dealers work on other sailing yachts – for the want of a better expression … they look like factory installations.


        Keep you posted




          Hi Paul,

          Many thanks for your reply and we don’t have a water tank in the bow so might be able to mount slightly further forward. With that in mind as I understand the top of the bow thruster tunnel must half the diameter of the bow thruster below the water line thus determining it’s minimum disteance from the bow. Have been looking and different manufacturers have different specs on force, ie. Vetus offer a 56KGf with a 150mm tunnel which is close to your 60KGF you mention. If we go for a 60KGF plus the tunnel size increases to 177mm which means further aft.

          I look forward to receiving your update and if I find any more information I’ll post.

          Once again Thank You.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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