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      Does anyone know where I can source the door seal, or trunking the same colour, as that round the door in my Bav32 2003. It the seal on door on the fore cabin side – sorry did try to attach picture but forum will not allow. I want to hide a cable and think this would look better sat along side existing door seal, as opposed to trying to find trunking to match my wood.

      I am in UK, so people may say phone Clipper Marin, but I am not sure if they will stock this any more, as is unusual request.



        Hi. Where are you trying to get to and from with the cable? The 2003 has lots of “hidden” pathways I had the same boat for 10 years and may be able to point you in a different direction so you dont have to run the cable surface?




          I am only taking tv aerial cable, along with two wires for 12v feed to booster that came with BantenStub TV Antenna kit, down to the floor at base of mast support pillar. I intend to store in bilge area under hatch in floor there, as gives easy access to connecting to my eye tv when required. As there is only the single wood panel between main saloor and bedroom, I have no void. I did look at mast support pillar as it already has lightening conducter running down, but I can’t get into. In the forward bedroom there is wood strip down wass thst must hide something but again too well made and no options. The cable is brought in along side vhf cable into ceiling that I can access by removing hatch, so if you know of track to eventually get cable to bilge area, or even to floor in forward bedroom so I could drill hole in wall (out of sight) to feed into where I require under floor in main saloon….. Please do share.


            Just did search on word cable Ant and your led lights post came up. You managed to share picture where I could not! Anyway, you mention running cables from one side of boat to the other. This may be an alternative for me, as I could run over ceiling to port side, if I could then continue running cable to get to port side under seat storage area. So can you share route you followed and how far you took cable, as looks like you did not go further than under wall cupboards for your led light strip. I have done all sorts of network cabling in my house, so have mouse, poles, old rigging to poke mouse lines through and not phased by this, just thought the ceiling design prevented.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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