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      Hi All, im thinking of either buying a 34 or 36, both yachts early mid 2004 and are the single aft cabin versions and deep keel. Ive not sailed either yet as both on the hard, so im looking for honest opinions from people who have either owned both, or at least sailed them as skippers. Both yachts would be expected to do the odd crossing over the channel. I would also expect to single handed sail them easily.

      thanks Ray.


        I spent a couple of years working as a Cruising Instructor for a school based at Shamrock Quay, using among other yachts a (deep keel) B36. Excellent performance in all kinds of weather, in my opinion one of the best yachts that Bavaria have produced. I’ve not sailed one single-handed but a 36 isn’t that much bigger than my own 32 which I sail solo a lot, so shouldn’t be a problem. (Only minor criticism is slightly awkward access to the mainsheet if you need to dump the main in a hurry, but I know some singlehanders have rigged a system to allow the mainsheet to be reached from the helm position). I’ve not skippered a 34 but have been crew on one a number of times, sails almost as well as a 36 and nice interior layout. Hope you find this helpful….


        Ian Culley
        B32 Another Fantasy


          Thanks Ian, that helps, anybody else that wishes to can email me ray140@btinternet.com



            Hi, I have purchased a Bavaria 36 last August 2012. A good alround boat and I sail mine single handed. I do have the autohelm ST4000 with remote so that makes life so much easier. Hope you find the right one and happy sailing!


              Hi All, thanks for all the comments,couldnt find a good Bav36, but found a good37 and bought her.


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