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      Having just purchased a B34, we are now compiling a list of jobs that need doing. The under sink cupboard door requires two new plastic catches. Looked around but have not seen anything that would seem to suffice. Can anyone shed any light on a distributor? Secondly, it would seem the boat has never had a radio/cd player installed. The slot for it is in its normal place on the power panel with all the speaker cables behind but there is no aerial cable. Should there be one? or is it a post build fit by owners?

      Mick Ogle
      Bluejay 1277L


        Hi Mick,

        Congratulations on buying a Bavaria, good choice!

        Try Clipper marine for the catches, they are the UK distributers of the Bavaria brand.

        As for the Radio aerial, I have used one of THESE from Halfords and first impressions are that it works a lot better than the VHF aerial splitter that I can sell you if you are interested!

        Take care,


          Youn mention speaker cables. Have you discovered their destination?


            Thanks for the tips. Having trawled through all the boat paperwork and seen that an aerial cable was fitted some years ago we have eventually found it tucked away in a loom. Hoping to get to the Littlehampton rally on August Bank holiday if not on the Saturday then definitely on the Sunday.



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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