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      This problem only affects the centre cockpit (‘Ocean’) boats.

      The port side skin fitting at the bottom of the cockpit drain in the engine compartment on Playtime is badly corroded and needs replacing. It is very close to the calorifier (which would be earthed when on marina power) and is probably in electrical contact when there is any water in the engine compartment bilge. I therefore suspect electrolytic action as part of the problem. Alternatively, it is very poor quality stainless steel welding.

      The old fitting has been removed without too much hassle (except I had to remove the calorifier first) but what to replace it with is the problem. A local machine shop has tried welding up the original stainless fitting and declared it not serviceable. I have just tried a new SS skin fitting (2″ BSP) with a 2″ SS ball valve above. This would be a ‘proper’ solution i.e. there would be a valve above the skin fitting (there is none in the original solution, just a metre of 2″ SS pipe, the top of which is just above the water level). Unfortunately, there is insufficient room to fit the valve to clear the calorifier one way and the pipes and wires the other. Plan C is to obtain a new ‘original’ fitting from Bavaria; the question now lies with Clipper whether they are obtainable!

      Has anyone else had this corrosion problem? If so, how did you rectify it?



        The one problem I did have was a leak that showed itself as fresh water in the engine room floor – only when sailing in heavy rain. Turned out to be the sealant around the cockpit drain had failed allowing water to run down the outside of the drain pipe rather than the inside.

        It was fixed with a good dose of higher quality silicone.

        But I will check the state of the skin fittings and report back. Very difficult area to work in on my boat due a 3.5Kw Whisper genset (AKA Thumper) at the rear of the engine room.


          Hi Martin

          Yes, I’ve also had some leaks around the fittings in the cockpit sole. The water ingress was slow so didn’t get fixed for some years and probably contributed to the subsequent corrosion around the skin fittings in the engine room. I’ll PM you with the photos of the fittings on Playtime so you can see what the damage has been.

          I had to remove the calorifier to get the port side skin fitting out. I can just imagine the problems if you also have a genset in that area!

          You can initially check the skin fittings on the outside, though, next time the boat is out of the water. This will give you the first indication if you have a problem.



            To conclude this one, for anyone interested, I have had 2 new cockpit drain skin fittings fabricated by a local Portsmouth engineering firm,
            J W Tout
            77-83 Clarence Street
            Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 4AZ
            United Kingdom
            Phone : ‎+44 2392 822 738.

            The skin fitting/through hull thread was machined from a solid (3″ diameter) piece of 316 stainless. This was double welded to 1 metre of 2″ 316 stainless pipe that projects upwards in the engine compartment to above the water line and the top of the tube then connects to the cockpit drain with the original 2″ reinforced rubber hose.

            The new fittings look well made and good quality, certainly more substantial than the original Bavaria fittings, and should be trouble free for a good few years. Let’s hope so as they weren’t cheap!

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