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      Have just installed a Radio/ CD player in the standard Bavaria panel. Picking up interference from the battery charger on certain freq’s ( 88-89 ) Using a stick on windscreen aerial behind panel. Reception excellent apart from certain freqs. Any solutions?


        Hi Mike

        You are most likely picking up harmonics (higher multiples of the sampling frequency) from the switch mode charger. I don’t think you can filter them out without losing broadcast frequencies so all I can suggest is that you move the aerial. Maybe try a stubby car aerial mounted under the side deck (or in a locker) some distance from the charger? This is what I have done on Playtime.

        Before you take panels off etc., though, it would be worth moving the aerial around the saloon to check that position does make a difference.

        It is also possible that the interference is coming through the power lead in which case you will need one of those ferrite toroids on the positive lead. This is less likely than aerial pick-up though.

        Try moving the aerial first.

        Good luck



          Thanks I have tried moving the aerial which got rid of the fridge interferance. Providing I use the commercial stations above 100 freq no problem. Thanks for the help.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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