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      Hi All, im thinking of how and at reasonable costs, to charge my batteries to run Auto helm/fridge whilst sailing. Do i buy a small 2stroke generator and charge the batteries every day or so? Or buy a wind-generator?Solar panels?

      Any advice given will be appreciated as more i think about it the more confused i become!

      I need the auto helm to work most of the time as i will be single handed, and the fridge needs to be cool.

      So what 2stroke power/size generator?solar panels?wind generator?

      i dont want to buy all 3, but 2 would give me back-up.

      rgds Ray


      If its while sailing why not just run the engine for a couple of hours each day. Then take a small genset as a backup.

      If you’re talking about charging in-port, then solar/wind gens are best.


        Go Solar if you have room for a gantry on the transom. unless you do a lot of night passages, in which case a Wind Gen, would be a usefull addition.


          What is the cheapest EFOY that is available? They look like being the answer to all of our power needs but the downside is the cost.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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