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      After managing to leave my fuel cap off for 2 weeks during early august I put my mind to how I could check the tank for water ingress. After a bit of thought I realised I could use my oil extractor, poking the tube through one of the spare fuel tank access fittings and draw off up to 5 litres of fuel from the very bottom of the tank. If there was any water in there, then this would for sure remove it..I tried it and hey presto it worked like a dream. Once the required ammount of fuel is drawn off, it can be left to settle, then the good fuel poured off and the remainder (dregs) poured into a large glass jar for examination. Fotunately I had little water in my tank, but it struck me that this would be an excellent thing to do every year, and then you could be sure you would not be harbouring any potential problems (such as was described in a recent issue of the BOA magazine where a members engine failed due to water contamination whilst entering Chichester Harbour I think).

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