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      In 2011, Abouttime suggested that this forum might be a helpful repository for “Manual for Owners and Skippers” for each Bavaria model, as for some they seem very hard to find, and some of us have boats without these documents!

      I’ve had to do some digging of my own for my 2006 Bavaria 30, Freebird. To do some electrical work (with the assistance of many forum members: thank you!) I needed the electrical diagram in the Owner’s Manual (which I do not have!) I’ve located the guide to Panel 301 and 302 here:


      and here is a portrait formatted schematic taken from this:


      Hope this helps soemone!

      (And if someone DOES have a pdf of the Manual for Owners and Skippers…!)


        Additional – the 230 volt power supply comes into the boat via the main Residual Current Circuit Breaker on panel 302 and the K switch (Automatic Circuit Breaker – Kitchen) before the battery charger (so both the RCB and the K switch need to be o for the battery charger to work.)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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