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      The Teak in the cockpit on my recently purchased Bavaria 30 Cruiser is looking a little tired and needs a clean.

      What treatment do you recommend? Any advice would be appreciated.

      Thanks Derek


      I use Teak Wonder. Cleaner, then brightener, then sealer.


        I just wash the teak,but,if you scrub do not
        Scrub along the grain,and do not jetwash.
        That will take out the softer tissue and leave the teak grooved and rough fealing.


          Derek, Hi. When you say dirty do you mean stained or just going silver? If its stained then warm water and a mild non detergent soap such as Teapol. Detergent will desolve the natural oil in the teak.
          If its silver-ing then that is the natural action of sun light and oxidization. I quite like the silver colour. You can gently clean as suggested above and lightly wipe teak oil in. However, later boats handbooks recomend not treating the teak as some oils contan additives that may harm the adhesive or the laminate build up.
          Older boats have teak strips bonded with sikaflex not a laminate. I lightly sanded our 2003 – B 32 teak every other year and ragged on teak oil. Never had a problem.

          Best regards



            Thanks for the advice, its just stains not silver effect.

            Boat is a Bavaria 30 Cruiser 2006 (and I’m loving it).



            If they are rust stains, then try Oxalic acid.


              I’ve just cleaned the teak toe- and rub rails on my B40 Ocean with Ecover Limescale remover (citric acid). Worked very well for getting rid of dirt, green mossy bits and fungal growths and costs £3 a bottle when bought in bulk (here). Just spray on, brush (sideways, never along the grain) and rinse off. Does not harm the gelcoat and also works well for getting rust spots off stainless.


              As an aside, if you want to get rid of green from teak (or in fact anything else such as grp, ropes, sprayhood, etc.) get some Patio Magic.

              You just mix it with water, put it in a pump sprayer, spray it on, and leave it. A week later all the green will have gone and it’ll stay not-green for at least 6 months.

            Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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