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      I have a 2009 Bavaria 31 which has fold-out extension flaps on the cockpit table. Unfortunately the battens which hold the flaps level when unfolded, also provide apparently good hand holds when the flaps are folded in. However, anyone grabbing these battens soon finds out that the flap will flip up and not provide the expected holding point. This could potentially have serious consequences if someone is expecting a good gripping point when the boat is heeled over i.e. they might find themselves disappearing over the side.

      To overcome this problem I have installed cranked door catches easily available from the Chandlers. I fabricated spacers to raise the catches to the correct height and drilled extra holes in the catches to allow through-bolting onto the table top.

      The attached picture with one catch open and one closed illustrates the finished job and I feel that the catches do not look too intrusive.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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