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      we had a letter from volvo about a problem with the saildrive and engine
      they had a continuity problem the saildrive should not be connected to the engine in any way as it would cause corrosion to the prop and leg as luck would have it or bad luck mine and one other has failed, the spacer washers are faulty which causes the bolts to touch the engine .was told could use the boat until its fixed its not nice to think the boat is sitting in the mariner with the prop and leg fizzing away underneath you.has anybody else had this problem achilles is a 2006 model launched jan 2007.


        We haven’t heard anything from Volvo or SNIP who supplied the boat but will print your message and take it with me to the boat next week as I have a week using it as a caravan with the kids and my father who was a surveyor.

        Ours is very similar in age, delivered to yard in Nov 2006 and launched Mar 2007


          Does anybody know how to check for the isolation of the engine and gearbox. I know you can do a continuity check but what sort of reading should there be? Zero or is there an allowance.
          I have aluminium prop corrosion problems. I even have a 240V isolator fitted to stop any marina current problems from other boats or pontoons. I am in contact with a Volvo agent who said they would check with Volvo as our boat was built about the same time. So far- silence!


            My boat failed test too, (its required to be within a certain range of resistance) even though an ordainary multimeter that I used showed no continuity! After two and a half years I had the boat lifted, no corrosion and only moderate anode damage! I replaced the anode, re painted the sail drive and re-launched. I’m in a marina mud berth and am connected to shore power alot! When the engineer checked the readings they were better when connected to shore power! Very confusing? The company involved changed hands and I believe have gone out of business.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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