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      Having great difficulty securing spares for the rubbish cooker as fitted to our B40 (2001). Have established that it was made for Bavaria by Techimplex of Italy whose UK agent is Bainbridge, but their information is very limited and so far they have been unable to supply the correct parts.

      Can anyone shed any light or do we have to buy a new cooker already?

      Pentangle II


        Try http://www.gascheckmarine.co.uk/ who have spares for the Bavaria supplied cookers as they keep them for all of the Fairview boats. They fixed the Techimplex cooker quickly for us. Tel : 01803 883163


          We have a Bavaria 32, now in her 5th sailing season. During our summer cruise this year round the Channel Islands and the West Country, the seal on our cooker broke in half. Although we could still cook, heat escaped making the knobs hot to touch and the cooking time longer.
          This is not the first time this has happened. We originally contacted Opal Marine who replaced the seal for us. Not sure this time whether to contact Clipper Marine we decided to try and find a supplier for cooker spares ourselves. After reading Gazelle’s recommendation of Gas Check Marine on the forum, we contacted them and left a message. A very friendly chap called David Brooks called us and confirmed that they had the seals in stock. David very kindly agreed to drop 2 seals (one spare) at our house. One seal was £19.99 plus VAT.

          Whilst writing out the cheque, David chatted about our cooker and the company he works for. They now have an office at Hamble Point Marina, phone number there is 023 8045 3633. Gas Check Marine install and check gas appliances on marine leisure vessels and are Corgi registered. David recommended a SMEV cooker if we decided to replace ours. At least the cook would have use of a grill, something sadly missing on our current model.

          If anyone else has problems with their cooker we would recommend contacting Gas Check Marine as we were very impressed with the customer service.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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