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      Our 2002 Bav36 has suffered corrosion on the connection of the front hose to the heat exchanger. MD2030D. In fact the connection has dropped off! Looks like poor quality materials? So much for Volvo!

      Our choice is to 1/ fit a new exchanger £500! or 2/a reconditioned engine as our engine has done 3100 hours or 3/put in a new engine.

      I have made enquires about reconditioned engines but all the Volvo dealers say that you can’t get one! This seem ridiculous considering the number of Volvo engines in Bavarias and other boats. All the Volvo dealers would offer is a new D1-30 engine which does not fit the MS25S saildrive we have and therefore would require a new saildrive as well! Cost in the £7000 region.

      Considering I can get a reconditioned engine for my 1984 VW Camper for £1,557. (A much more complicated engine to rebuild) I think someone is being taken for a ride.

      Does anyone on this forum know of a firm that will supply reconditioned volvo engines?

      Yours hopefully



        Just because your engines done 3000 hours doesn’t necessarly mean there is any thing wrong with it.
        Personaly I would contact a car / vehicle radiator reconditioner & get them to recon your heat exchanger, £500 is a complete rip off from Volvo.
        I run / own a car repair business & can say most people in my trade don’t want to rebuild an engine them selves as they then have to personaly warranty the engine / work.
        It’s easier to buy one in and then pass the blame when something goes wrong.
        Try finding a smaller boat yard who will rebuild your engine for you as apposed to replacement, after all it’s actualy a Perkins re badged as Volvo.
        I am sure there is someone out there however that does do these in a recon form !!!

        Just read the previous post!!
        If it seized looks like a rebuild or a recon is called for then.


          I just had to make the same decisions, ( see previuos thred) and in the end went for a complete new engine and Saildrive.
          I got a very good deal from PMS in Poole, really helpfull and the cheapest of all the dealers, ( and I phoned most of them for a price!)
          Took the old engine out last weekend, Pick the new one up this Friday, and will fit over the weekend.
          Will let you know how it goes.

          Anyon want a Ms25 saildrive, which is fine
          or a MD2030 that needs a build/for spares?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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