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      I have a 2005 twin DPG with stainless c6 props.
      When i bought the boat a year ago I noticed it was getting through ring anodes in around 12 weeks….by this I mean only the bolts were left after this time!
      I subsequently fitted volvo’s active corrosion protection devices to the transom….if I am honest it has not made much difference.
      Volvo tell me that stainless props accelerate the corrosion process of the anode, particulary if the hubs are worn.
      When I checked with Steel Devlopments who specialise in prop repair they said they could change the hubs but actually volvo were talking nonsense!
      If anyone else has had similar experiences, or could recommend a third impartial party for me to talk to i would be very grateful!


        I don’t have the stainless props on my DPH drives but the anodes do wear and need changing about every six months to be safe. I am sure this is down to my marina as I keep the boat connected to shore power. A lot of fast anode wear is down to stray electrical current from the marina and other boats. Maybe worth getting this checked out with an electrician to make sure it is not that is not the problem.


          I have had a word with a engineer who works on these drives. He says that stainless steel propellers are harder on the anodes than bronze but less so than ones made of aluminium. It all depends on how noble the metal in the prop is on the galvanic scale. Stainless steel will give the anodes more work to do and therefore use the anodes a little quicker but not to the extent you would need them changing in 12 weeks. He feels that is more likely to be an issue with the where the boat is berthed. Some areas have lots metal in the area or it could be poor electrical connections on the boat or from the shore power. If there is weakness on the shore power side your boat can end up being the anodes for all the others on the pontoon! Maybe well worth getting an electrician to take a look or ask the marina to get it checked out.


            Many thanks for this. I never leave the shore power connected for this reason, and i have fitted a galvanic isolator on the the mains feed from the shore power.

            I know the boat electrics are spot on so I think a chat with the marina could well be the next course of action.

            Not too keen on being a giant anode for everyone else in the marina!

            Thanks again


              I’d be interested to know how your chat with the Marina goes, and also which marina you are in to see if other members are berthed there and have similar problems.


                We are berthed at Mercury Marina MDL on the Hamble. I’ll let you all know how we get on.


                  So having spoken to the marina they test the pontoon electrics for earth leakage every 6 months – no issues. They are going to contact the owner of the boat next to me to see if they have any problems. Looks like it might just be one of those things!

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