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      I have made wheel covers, a table cover and winch covers for Impavidus. I used a heavy duty domestic machine. Cost £130 A saving on commercially made covers of about £500. If anyone is interested I will do another article?

      Best regards.



        Would be good to see….. you dont by any chance do cockpit cushions do you? 😉


          Hi folks.

          I may be able to organise a trainging day at Hawke House. http://www.hawkehouse.co.uk/
          Learn how to make all those bits and bobs that cost a fortune and you know you could make or fit if you just knew how!!!!!!
          I have used Hawke house for over 20 years they are a great company.

          I would be willing to sort out the fee and get a discount for BOA members. The on line traing fee is £150 for one day course. I am sure we can do something with this.

          A Bavaria wheel cover is £250, you can make one for less than £60 if you do it yourself.
          Do the math as they say! Skills learned, how much more could you save? Not to mention the satisfaction of “I made that”

          I will be writing an artical on how to make wheel covers, table cover and spray hood window cover for the BOA. I have a draft but need to find time to top and tail it.

          Meanwhile; Please register your interest by adding to this post, “YES PLEASE !”

          Best regards



            Yes please

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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