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      I’m new to this boat maintenance malarky so forgive my ignorance.

      We have a nasty creaking/groaning sound coming (I think) from the gooseneck every time the boom moves from side to side. I’m sure that it is a maintenance (or rather lack of) issue and am keen to rectify.

      Any help pointing me in the direction of a cure will be greatly appreciated.



        I did 2 things to get rid of it:-

        1) Sprayed a little WD-40 on the goosneck and rod-kicker swivel
        2) Made sure that the rod kicker was not compressed too much by the kicking strap being over-tensioned (i.e. boom too low)

        Hope this helps.

        Best regards,


          Hi Michael
          I must admit that I did not expect WD40 as a solution as I thought that it tended to de-grease things after the initial impact had worn off.
          Did you not use a grease of any kind?
          And has the solution stood the test of time?


            Try ‘MacLube’ teflon sail slide lubricant. It’s very clean and effective as a general boat lubricant on just about anything from sail slides, blocks, travellers, creaking goosenecks, whatever. You’ll regret it if you put grease on your gooseneck; after a while it will get very dirty and your mainsail will suffer…..

            Ian Culley
            Another Fantasy


              Another vote for ‘MacLube’ teflon sail slide lubricant. It worked well curing the creaks on our boom.


                I had this and isolated it to the rod kicker..try lubrcating inside with either wd 40 or silicone.



                  Thanks for all your responses.
                  Tried the WD40 approach at the w/e. Grease had been used previously and things were black and gungey as expected. Cleaned it as best I could and applied WD.
                  It seems to have cured the creak but I think I will re-visit it with the MacLube approach.


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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