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      Recently found that our starboard side deck is creaking… initially notoiced the creak when rafted to a large Moody (50′ ish) while rolling a bit in Braye… but now creaks whenever anyone walks along the sidedeck or even under hand pressure (if you press reasonably hard!).

      At first was very worried that there was a structural fault… but further investigation has identified that the inner molding (saloon roof lining) is partially detached from the deck/hull.

      There is no clear way to see how the inner molding is attached to the deck. Has anyone had similar problems and if so any pointers to how the molding is attached (silicone???) and what can be done to fix this?



        The inner molding is effectively laminated to the outer molding by the sandwiched Basla wood core. Bavaria’s seem to have a habit of the Basla delaminating on the radius from the coachroof to the side-deck or after impact or sustained pressure.

        My understanding is that Bavaria follow the industry standard and lay the Balsa into the outer molding, sandwiching it by then laying the inner molding on top, this would suggest that your diagnosis that it is the inner skin delaminating and not the outer is correct.

        The recognised cure when I was involved in laminating and boatbuilding was to drill holes into the inner molding, taking time to drill a few holes at angles into the balsa core, injecting small amounts of epoxy resin into the void, compressing the two skins together and allowing to set.

        The repair itself is normally quite easy to affect, deciding the extent of the problem and making the repair invisable is the bit that takes the time and skill. If I was still in the laminating business (which I am not) I would quote a days labour and about £30 parts/materials to cure the problem if it looked straight forward but have the over-rider that I wouldn’t be held responsible if the creaking returned.

        Hope this helps,


          Thanks Paul. We will find someone to give this a try.


            We contacted Hayling Glass Fibre Repairs who I believe did the warrantee work on Bavaria’s when there were commissioned out of Sparks Marina, so has seen more than a few Bavarias! Mike came round and had a look at Amoretto and said she is fine. Apparently the saloon roof liner is glued in place using glue dabs and the bulkheads are partially floating so some movement will occur. In our case when Mike came round the creak appeared less (colder day may be!). So we will keep an eye (ear!) on it and will avoid rafting to larger yachts in Braye when its a bit rolly!


              Glad to hear it isn’t a problem but just some movement.

              Take care,

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