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      I would like to fit a Cruising Chute. Can anybody offer advice on the tack fitting?

      I’ve heard that people fit the tack around the anchor roller, but this raises two questions for me.

      • When running the spinnaker halyard to the bow roller, it fouls on the wooden step on the pulpit. Is this a problem? What would I do about it?
      • I worry that the forces on the bow roller would be too great: The roller is approx 30cm from the three bolts that hold the metal bracket in place, and the direction of pull from the sail will be different to how the anchor roller is designed to support (i.e. upward vs. downward). I’ve read of Cruising Chutes used this way pulling the deck away from the hull!!!

      How do you fit your Cruising Chute?

      What is your maximum wind strength?

      Any problems / advice?

      Thanks a lot



        Interesting questions. I see your post was put on some time ago. Hopefully your sorted now?
        I am going to fit a chute to Impavidus this summer. I am looking at the best way to do this, so would be grateful of any comments.
        We have a draw cord /mouse fitted to the mast to draw in the new halyard. We specified this at sale so it would be less work. Unfortunately the mouse or line is tied off at the mast head and base so it kind of defeats the object….. Ho hum!
        On our 32 I fitted a chute. I got it from North sails. From memory it was about £500-£600.
        I had a small bow sprit fabricated in our workshop in 316 stainless and mounted it alongside the anchor roller / stem head. I had to offset it by 10-12mm and fix it with 12mm coach head bolts and cap head nuts in 316.
        I welded a 40mm ring eye to the outer end to take the foot line and a swivel pulley. The foot line then went back on the port side to the aft cleat as the head furling line does on the starboard.
        We used the headsail winches for the sheets as there was no practical place to mount an additional set of winches. A snuffer and sock made the sail much more manageable.
        The bow roller is really designed to take down load. But, it worked ok with the upload of the chute foot line for 6 years with issues.
        We regularly deployed the chute in winds from 6knts to 15knts. Above this the chute imposed some pretty big loads on the foot, tack and mast. In fact, we always kept a big diving knife in the cockpit when using the chute, if the wind gets up unexpectedly or the winch gets a riding turn and jambs, it is better to loose a line than loose control.
        The snuffer makes the chute easy to put away, unless you know the race trick of letterboxing, which is another subject.
        Chutes make a good addition to your sailing wardrobe. A well cut one will be useable from 90deg to the wind or even less.
        There is a lot of power in a chute, keep the lines as light as possible. Practice in light winds away from other boats in light winds.
        Hope this helps.

        See pics….

        Best regards.



          I’ve posted a picture and description of the Selden bow sprit I fitted and used last weekend for the first time as a reply on my original post regarding this.

          Also mention sheet and tack arrangements which might be helpful.

          In Port Solent if you want to take a look just let me know.



            Simon, many thanks I would like to take a look. Probably friday evening. Can you PM me your mobile or berth number?

            Best regards.



              Ant, I’ve sent a pm


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