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      We are planning to add an assymetric spinnaker to our 2006 Bavaria 37. Have looked in the owners manual but can’t find the luff length does anyone out there know the answer and what is the nominal size of the sail? Any comments, experiences, good deals, sailmakers to avoid etc most welcome.

      And lastly, having bought the sail where should the turning blocks for the sheets be fitted?

      best regards
      Richard and Jane


        Regarding the turning blocks for the sheets, I would suggest you fit them as far back as possible. You might have some loops on the deck for the attachment of the lifelines – these should be suitable for the purpose. I use them on my B37 (2002).

        Regarding the luff length – most sail makers already have this information. Have a chat with them & they should be able to give you a quote, but be sure to give them the year of manufacture. The earlier B37’s may well have a shorter luff length.


          If you fit blocks near the back through the deck make sure it is in a strenghtened place or put a large metal plate under it. If you dont in strong winds you can pull the blocks out causing a lot of damage.
          Hope you are running Guys & sheets on both sides if you going to use a spinnaker. the blocks for the guys go about amid ships near the center cleat.


            I have a spreadsheet from Bavaria with all Bav’s sail dimensions. PM me your email addr and I can send you a copy.




              I bought a asymmetric crusing chute from Crusader sails for by 2006 B37 this last winter. Now used it about 5 times and it is excellent. I set it on the spinnaker pole for angles greater than about 130deg off the wind and use it like a concventional kite. For reaching it will fly up to about 60deg off the wind with the luff hardened up. I am going to put an eye on the forestay fitting (using the two bolts that hold the pulpit) and a block so that I can use the pole downhaul as a tack line that I can adjust from the cockpit. It has transformed our sailing in lighter airs – thoroughly reciommended.

              Dave Targett

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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