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      Having just added a sail to the wardrobe I’m now sorting out how to control it … So will be getting sheets & 2 sheet blocks so I can lead the sheets back up to the primary winches.
      On my last boat the toerail had holes all the way along and the stern rail had tangs on so I had a choice of where to attach the block. This time (2000 Bav 37) I’ve got a solid toerail and 1 tang a few inches up the stern rail which I would consider too high to attach a block too … so – where do you attach the sheet blocks?!


        Hi Fireball

        I have fitted u-bolts into the toe rail for Tanami’s spinnaker sheeting.
        One leg goes through an existing screw hole to save another hole and goes through the timber strip under the gunwale. The second leg is in a new hole.

        I have three on each side, two near the stern and one amidships for the guy and tweeker blocks. The sheets through blocks attached to the u-bolts can run to either the sheet or cabin top winches easily.

        The u-bolt is a Ronstan RF559 63mmx8mm. You need the length to get through the timber.



          Excellent – thanks ..

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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