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      There has been an issue with the black screw on lids of the raw water filters of the Volvo D4 and D4 engines. There have been problems with them leaking leading to sea water corroding the engine or in some cases causing a more severe leak. One member went out to find alarms going off and a flooded engine bay! Volvo have come up with a fix by changing the part to design which they claim will cure the issue. The new part consists of a glass and metal cover to replace the plastic screw on ones costing around £135 each. As this is a known issue that could affect safety and Volvo have redesigned the part I asked Volvo UK if this would be a free upgraded for current owners. There reply was basically no! The reply to my emails was:

      “Volvo do not have a service campaign out to replace the lids on the sea water strainer, we have developed a new style of lid that is easier for the end user to secure and is a replacement service option for an aging lid that is leaking. There have been some cases – as the case you high light below on a three year old boat – of the lid starting to leak after a couple of years in use, the solution is to fit a new lid as that owner is doing.
      You write that yourself and others have been advised to replace the lids on safety grounds and I assume who ever is giving this advice is answering a question that has been directed to them, but if the lid is not leaking it does not need to be changed. Of course a potential leak of water into a boat can be a safety issue and the option to replace your non leaking lids for your own peace of mind when at sea is for you.”

      Well I consider water filling up an engine bay out at sea a safety issue so I have replaced mine and a picture is attached of what the newer design looks like. They are a bit fiddly to fit but the instructions are clear and just need a couple of spanners and an allen key are needed. I think Volvo should be telling owners and paying for the upgrade – at best you get salt water over the engine at worst and engine bay full of water with serious safety issues and a very expensive repair bill. Anyone else done the upgrade or had an issue with them leaking?

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