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      One of the small hatches above the forward cabin on my Bavaria34 2001 has failed. The Perspex has cracked from one of the locking handles to the outer frame and water drips in slowly through the crack. Not sure if I should try to repair the crack or simply get new Perspex fitted.
      Has anyone had experience of this problem and if so what’s the best solution?


      I cracked one of mine by dropping the dinghy on it. I’ve just done a duct tape job on it for the mo to stop it leaking, while I work out what to do.

      The new hatches are silly money (about £400), but I’m not sure how viable it would be to replace the actylic. I suspect that you’d have to replace the seal at the same time, and that there’ll almost certainly be a screw that won’t undo or sheers off.

      I’d be interested to hear what you decide to do, and if you replace the acrylic, where you get it from and how easy it was to do.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help.



        Adverts in sailing mags for hatch repairs.
        All my Rutgerson hatches on my 2001 34 have lifted at the hinge end through being overtightened in the past.
        Ask around marinas and other boat owners and you will usually hear about somebody who can repair the hatch for you
        Port Solent


          Problems with Rutgeson hatches.
          All of mine were leaking .
          Found a young guy who took out the perspex,cleaned up that and the frame and then reset all together for a reasonable price.
          The seals were a bit flattened,but by gently massaging them out a bit they now seal the hatches well.
          Port Solent


            I have gone and broke one of mine too but it is a Lewmar unit.
            Handles and hinges etc. all fine I just need the acrylic (the seal looks like it is moulded in)
            2011 B32 – any ideas?


              Adverts in PBO for a couple of plastics companies who can do this for you.
              One from memory is in Havant.

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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