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      There are many companies that will provide all of these. My experience is there are very few that will really take your needs personally. Colour, size, shape and font are all subjective. It is always an area where we all need some advice and expertise, help and advice.

      It is very rarely I make personal recommendations. However, we have been using a commercial artist in our business. He made the name decals for our boat. He matched the Bavaria gray stripes and helped with fonts, sizing, and also offered an application service. The laser cut graphics look really good and took very little time to apply.
      I am not going to publicly advertise Mark’s business on the forum because I don’t think it is appropriate or ethical. But if you need this type of service PM me and I will forward you contact details.

      Best regards.

      Ant & Cid

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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