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      We have a 2006 Bavaraia 37 cruiser – “Alchemy”, with teak decks. Over the last couple of seasons it has developed a creak when you walk on the side decks. It is about in line with the bulkhead at the front of the galley area on the port side and the front of the chart table area on the stbd side. The creak is on both sides. This is well away from the chain plate area. There are no leaks.

      I have had a couple of the cover strips off in the relevant lockers and it looks as if it could be movement between the deck and this bulkhead where the bonding has perhaps come away, but there are no obvious gaps etc.

      Before I start taking the woodwork apart to get to the area, has anyone else had anything similar and found the cause/ cure ??

      Thank you in anticipation,
      Dave and Suzanne


        Ive had creaks from the area above the chart table, when walking on the deck and also sailing. I think it is the edge of the woodwork rubbing on either the deck moulding or another part of the internal woodwork..it can be especialy annoying when on a mooring with a bit of a swell. Havnt tried to fix it as I think the surgery required would either defeat me or the boat.
        Best of luck.

        Iain B
        2004 B38

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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