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      I’ve noticed some hairline and slightly thicker gelcoat crack propogration out from the starboard deck shroud plates. They are about 1 -3 cm long. I know there is problem with the B40 in this area and Bavaria have a repair for it, but don’t yet know if this is something to worry about on the B37. Appreciate any advice.

      I tried uploading a photo but regretably the file was too large.


        Since my post above, I’ve had the Bavaria technicians looking at this issue. Seem the shrouds and rigging was to taught on the starboard side. They have re-rigged both mast shrouds and completed a gelcoat repair- so hopefully that’s the issue resolved.

        I feared this was the same problem some B-40’s were suffering, but on inspection it proved not to be the case.


          Hi Pigeon,
          Don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but just be careful you have not been fobbed off a bit there.
          Did they tell you what rig tension you actually had on the uppers and lowers on port and starboard before they altered it.
          It is rare to find that one side is significantly higher than the other as tension loads are transferred through the mast to the opposite shroud and loads tend to balance themselves out a bit. You just end up with an S bend in the mast if not set up correctly.
          My bav 36 at 6 years old is just starting to suffer some minor gelcoat cracking around the shroud plates and guard rail stanchions and I am sure it is due to the relatively lightweight nature of the deck construction rather than excessive rig tension.
          I would suggest you ask a rigger to check it out first before you accept what the bavaria boys tell you.


            Hello Sundance

            Thanks for the insight and advice and I’ll do just that- I’ll confess to having only a rudimentary knowledge of rigging but I’m going to read up on it a bit more. The ‘technicians’ who came along were from the dealership- Franken & Meer, Cesme where the boat was purchased by the previous owner. They seemed to do a thorough inspection both sides- took care at counting the number of threads on the shroud adjustments, inside and out. I also wacthed them at every step. There was no evidence of any cracking or distortion underneath the deck- which I took as a good sign. They spent a considerable amount of time working both sides of the boat and up the mast- so I’m hopeful all is well. I’ll watch the gelcoat repair for any sign of cracking again. They didn’t use any type of strain gauge in their work- which I did wonder about. Anyway, I’ll keep a close eye on it- thanks again for your comments.


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