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      Has anyone retrofitted a diesel heating system, and if so, where did you site the heater?
      We have a 2005 B33, and I can’t decide whether to fit it in the cockpit locker, or in the vast wasted space under the sugar scoop.

      Any advice welcome!


        Hi Peter,
        We fitted our heater at the aft end of the cockpit locker on our B34 which is the owners version. This position has worked well as you can sit inside the locker to service the heater and it is aft of the locker base board so does not restrict the stowage space in the locker.
        Best advice i can give you is to set up the air inlet to the heater so that it draws air from inside the boat. Ours is set behind the electrics cabinet on the starboard side. The fact that you are sucking air from the boat at the same rate that you are pumping the hot air back in improves the circulation and the inlet air has already been lifted to a higher temperature than outside. We also find that by sucking air from the boat she has remained very dry and we have no internal corrosion problems on the electrics.


          We have a diesel heater mounted in the same aft of the starboard locker (behind the removable panel) location. Works great.

          Only issues to watch out for are the location of the very hot exhaust in relation to dingy tow lines and bumpers, and the proximity of the heater to the showier lines, as contact can quickly melt a hole in the line (as I learned).

          Love the heater. Can’t imagine life without it!

          Riyad Abu-Laban
          s/v Battuta (B31, 2009)
          Vancouver, Canada


            Hi Peter, CaSam’s is in the aft compartment (I Guess where you sugar scoop is) nothing else much in there so keeping the heatr away from everything else is no problem.


              Thanks everyone, really appreciate your help. Great idea about the position of the inlet hose, makes a lot of sense. Did you use an Eberspacher or Webasto?



                I would go for Webasto, very nice people to deal with and equipment more reliable and cheaper.


                  We fitted an Eberspatcher D4 in 2002 but as we have just had to replace the clever bit of electronics that controls the heater, which was not cheap, I cannot say it has been completely trouble free. But it has functioned well for 9 years without ever being serviced. When I stripped it down it was relatively clean and there is very little that appears necessary other than replacement of the metal bit that fits into the heater plug hole, which you buy as a service kit.
                  We took the unit off the boat in Brittany and visited our local Eberspatcher dealer in Preston who checked and found what was wrong and provided the new control unit. The service was good with no charge other than for the parts.


                    +1 for Webasto…. sitting here on board this evening and all is nice and toasty!


                      A pic of my Webasto B32 instalation, I think it is mounted on a factory build block on the hull


                        Dear all,

                        You may know this but if not, do not plug in or out of shore power whilst the heater is working. It will send a spike and blow the control unit of the heater. This is the advice I have had from my service centre who are dealing with a lot of boat units at the moment. No problem with trucks of motor homes so this is the only thing they can suggest. My unit blew as did my friends and we came to the same conclusion.

                        Keith Carole Wave Dancer


                          On our 2001 34 we fitted an Eberspacher behind the panel at the end of the starboard cabin ( 3 cabin version) in the sugar scoop space.
                          Leaves lockers free for stowage etc
                          Exhaust through transom and trunking to every cabin except the head (discourages people from taking too long in winter ).
                          So far no problems.
                          Following this months report in PBO we are going to insulate the pipe runs.


                            Thanks to everyone for all of your helpful comments.

                            We have now fitted a Webasto unit under the sugarscoop, behind the removable door in the aft locker. Have used insulated ducting throughout and so far are very pleased with everything.

                            The installation was done by Keto Marine, who do all the new installations for Clipper, and was very professional and neat with no med.


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