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      My 2001 Bav 40 doesn’t have a fuel shut-off valve between the tank and the engine. My previous Bav 31 did have one, and I’d like to fit one to the new boat.

      Does anyone with a shut-off valve on their boat have a part number which I could use to order one? Or does anyone know of a shut-off valve suitable for diesel?

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        On our Bavaria 41 the shut off valve seems to be exactly the same as the gas shut off and is located on teh front of the bunk in the starboard cabin.

        Hope this helps.


          Hi Mike,

          Thanks for the info. That’s where my tank is, and is where I’ve seen the shut-off valve on quite a few other boats. I’ll try to find the same valve as the gas valve, and fit it there.

          Have a good festive break.



            Hi Alastair

            Our Spare Parts department at Clipper Marine can supply most ‘bits’ for Bavarias, new and old. The Diesel Shut-Off Valves are £50.62 + VAT + delivery. If you would like to order one, contact Kim in our Spares department on (02380) 605063, or email spares@clippermarine.co.uk.



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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