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      my bavaria 37 diesel tank sender has packed up , always shows full
      nead to source new one has anybody had this problem and where can i get a new one
      john and angela


        Have you actually had the sender unit out an moved the float up and down whilst somebody check the fuel gauge, reason being i had the same problem on Storm Dragon a couple of years ago and found the problem was with the gauge in the cockpit


          thanks for your reply
          going down this weekend to check only problem now is i have filled the diesel tank for the winter lay up will try to drain some of to check. how did you know if its the gauge and not the float


            If the sender unit is analog (it would sound like it is from Storm Dragons post) you can carry out a test to measure the resistance to check if its working correctly.

            As you have a full tank and the reading on the gauge is full, I am afraid you will be unable to make any assumptions from a quick test in situ.

            The testing of the gauge is normally carried out with a variable resistance generator with outputs for both analog and dgital, so normally beyond DIY testing.

            If you can remove the sender unit the quick test is to connect the red wire from an Volt/Ohm meter to the centre connector on the sender, with the black (earth) wire connected to the flange. With the float in its lower (empty) position you should see something about 250ohms on the meter and a full tank reading somewhere around 35ohms. While you are there, check the insulation on the centre connector as a dead short would give a full tank indication.

            If that reads OK, then I would personally just go ahead and order a gauge as the greater odds are that its past its useful life, however a quick check to ensure that nothing has fallen onto the rear of the gauge and shorted across the terminals maybe prudent before spending hard earned cash.

            Hope this helps,

            As an aside I have just looked out the window and realised that I have a long garden cane which you could rent at a reasonable rate for the season to dip the tank if it helps……… 😀

            Stay safe and happy sailing,


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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