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      We have a 2001 bav 34 complete with hot water tank. If you look at the tank you will see that the plumbing is push fit plastic piping. Not a problem, except that the outlet pipe was bent into a right angle ( albeit with a seemingly large radius ) rather than using a 90 degrees connector.

      The result was that the pipe split just where it exits the tank. 150 litres of water pumped into the bilge later you realise you have a slight problem.
      It was minor to us as we were tied up in a marina at the time, but on a long offshore passage either the lack of water or the resulting large ammount sloshing around under the floorboards would have been a tad disconcerting. The connectors to do the job properly cost about £2 in B&Q.
      I now carry a spare straight joint and a spare 90 deg joint
      It may be worth having a look at yours.




        I have hot water service that appears to have a faulty pressure valve. The water leaks into the bilge (about a cup) as the water heats up when the engine is running.

        I have checked the B&Q catalogue but cannot find the relevant connectors.
        Can you give me the catalogue number.



          Hi Greg,

          Not quite sure if we are talking about the same fittings, however the hot and cold pipes on my boat are all connected using 15mm pushfit couplers.
          B&Q’s own brand name is plumbeasy.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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