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      I recently managed to fill the bilge on Saloma whilst filling the aft water tank. At least the bilge got a good clean. ( forgot to refit the main tank cover after washing out the tank with Milton.)
      I took up the floorboards ahead of the companionway, as water was trapped in this section even after i had dried the remainder of the bilge.
      I was surprised to find that the area under the floorboards i lifted was in fact two compartments, divided by a rib, the same as the many which cross the bilge and support the keel. The difference being that all the rest have a drain hole through them to allow water to drain down to the low point at the bilge pump.

      Has anyone else with a B34 lifted these floorboards and can you tell me should there be a drainage hole through this rib or not as i am undecided as to it simply being forgotten at the time of manufacture, or if there is a good reason for not having a drain at this position.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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