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        The Bavaria Zeil Club Holland, our Dutch counterparts are planning to Cross the Channel Woolverstone Marina to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. They are taking a whole week for the event and will start to c ross over on Monday 28 June. They will take Tuesday (29) as a recovery day and plan a programme of events for Wednesday (30) and Thursday (1 July).

        The event kicks off on Tuesday evening with a pontoon party. There is a maritime themed coach trip to Ipswich on Wednesday morning and a fleet of 12 dinghies have been hired for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

        The Dutch have catered for up to 95 people an 25 boats and so far, after being open for booking for three weeks they have 13 boats and 47 people.

        We, the British BOA, have been challenged to a dinghy sailing competition and we are also welcome to take up spare places on the coach trip. There is also an opportunity to make our own parallel arrangements to eat at the restaurants involved.

        The event from the Dutch perspective is well advanced but from the British end the planning is at an early stage but I will be sailing from the Solent to Woolverstone (weather permitting) in order to take part.

        Anyone interested in taking up the sailing challenge or joining in with the social events can contact me via this forum, via email to fred.edgar@btinternet.com or can call me at home on 011 8947 5040. Fred Edgar Past Commodore.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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