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      The Efoy fuel cell

      To Members:- forget about our boat being for sale, if you want to know how good these units are read our experiences using one in the Med, game changer for us this season for sure!

      Please click the link below



        Really interesting, I’ve ben looking at these…. what is the M10 consumption like in reality V the brochure?


          Hi Steve,

          Well its like this your right on the what Efoy say so, if you did go this route buying one you end up doing your own thing like this.

          1 If you have a lot of Sun available then as you know this will cut by half the usage of the M10 as we only use it on the Anchor at night/evening Transit is different. As our panels are calculated to run us in the Med by day time and they do!
          2 What state do you and I think we should take our batteries back to I.E the Efoy kicks in at 12.4 volts default if we wanted to go back to 14.2v before cut off then we will use the M10 in 2 weeks with the things we want to use. If we take it back to 13.2v or better still what we need to get over the night with the fridge and the mast light (and I have no LED up there Yet) 3/4 weeks or longer. So I take them to 13-v or as it happens first light then I turn it to manual off, THEN turn on the solars.
          3 For us its a life style thing now like having Camping Gas, if you think now how much I’m saving by not having the mooring fees in the Med by having this unit, run the water maker………How then does one price it as I’m now OUTSIDE on the anchor?? I could not do this before as I would not have the power? This is backed up in last months Yachting Monthly (not about the Efoy) but about some guy using his water maker again 12v to get around the fees in the marinas in Majorca!! But he had to run his main engine, Again staying outside to get better water.
          4 When I needed to do some work (power drill) again no problem, switch on the inverter use the power, if the Solar does not put it back during the day then the Efoy will pick it up at night, more cost yes but I have not got into the Marina to get a 220v supply! And if no wind no cost of the fuel to get me there!
          5 You know that “The” prime spot in the Bay? that has just been vacated and you would like it just off the beach and out of the wind! (Yeah) well now you have moved in and YOUR starting to do what you like, and you don,t have to move……….Like for a week or so till you get fed up, we both know we would have to have the noise of our Volvo running for 2 hours 2 wice a day then we would run out of something……… like food………Go in the Dingy and come back, you keep the spot and the lovely-ness……….What price for that as your not going to move back to the Marina to restock and charge?
          6 So its not black and white but we will all have a different take on this cost? What about the fuel cost to run you main engine twice a day to charge, (now I know why my fuel bill is low this year as I have just answered my own question)
          7 Have you got the free APP from iTunes? Search “Efoy” as this will show you where all the dealers are in the world and who stock’s M5/10’s. We bought ours (4xM10’s) for the whole season and we still have 1 left from the only Dealer at the moment in Croatia, but he had them delivered direct (cos you can) to our boat in the South of Croatia. In Spain there are so many dealers? It does pay to get in contact with them first and say ” How Much and when” so this is why we bought in bulk for the season if you can store it? And its Cheaper. Now we are in the Greek Ionian take your pick of where to get them?
          8 Venting it puts about a pint of clean water into your bilge, you do this by putting the supplied hose into a bigger hose running though your engine bay to your bilge, the fan on it (a computer fan) will need to vent so I have the vast space in/under the steering at the back of the aft bunks, but Bavaria have put in a inspection cover into this area into the deck lockers to I just keep the locker lid open at night so as to not drill holes in the the boat.
          9 When you come to sell your boat, (like me cos you like it and your getting a new one), you get low engine hours cos, your not using your engine to charge!!! What is the first thing we all look at when buying?? How many hours has it run? Value then and no Space or servicing issues? When have we ever had something so good, I’ll tell you when for me GPS that’s when!

          Hope this helps, It is a game changer for Med boats

          Any other questions from Members please get in touch

          Regards Clive

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