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      Can anyone tell me what type of lead connector that is needed for a Bavaria 32 as the standard european 3 round pin will not connect to the stern of my boat. If it is a specialist connector can anyone help me with a supplier



        Two options for you:

        option 1.
        I take it that you have one of the chrome look alike deck plug on your boat, if so, then all that is needed is to use a hacksaw to remove the flap and hinge from the socket on your shore power lead and it will fit into the Bavaria deck plug. Bearing in mind that you would always plug into the boat first before the shore when connecting and vice versa when disconnecting, the fact that the flap is no longer there should not cause you any issues.

        Option 2.
        You can purchase the correct socket from Clipper marine on 023 8060 5060 if you are based on the South coast (Hamble) or 01473 780266 if the east coast (Ipswich) is your preferred option.

        Hope this helps.



          The fitting on your Bavaria 32 requires a yellow Marinco plug on the end of your shore power lead. Off the top of my head, they’re about £50 + VAT. If you haven’t been able to source one yet then we can order one for you.


          Clipper Marina


            If it’s the blue “Commando” plastic arrangement that you have, you don’t have to cut the flap off the socket on thje cablenthat you insert into the boat.
            If you keep the flap upwards and hold it open to approx horizontal , push firmly in to the boat mounted plug it will click into place.
            To release you have to press on the little trigger on the inboard side of the fitting ( plug) that’s fitted to the boat.

            Might sound a bit of a fiddle but once you’ve worked out how to do it you should be OK.

            Main advantages are;
            The securing latch prevent the live socket falling out of the boat into the water ( no explanation required there!)
            Retaining the flap on the Commando socket does help to keep dirt out when not in use.
            You can make use your cable or use other alternative length cables if your won’t stretch / is too long etc .

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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