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      Could you tell me if you have the wiring diagrams of the Bavaria 49 in English please. i have just purchased a 49-3 , 2003 and it has a electrical fauilt on the navigation equipment and struggling to read the German copy i have.


      Mine is all in German I’m afraid.

      It’s almost certain to be chorosion of a connector somewhere. I’ve have endless trouble with this.

      Best of luck



        i did find a english version of the main pannel, but the problem turned out to be a fauilt on the main PCB board of the raymarine RL80 C , which i have had to replace, but the units are becoming difficult to support at 11 years old and it looks like a expensive fix to replace all the nav equipment.


          Hi Ketch

          What panel is it? I’ve been searching for a diagram for a Panel 420 in English and that isn’t a poor photocopy. I’d certainly like a look if you have it as a pdf file, even if it’s not a 420. I may be able to use it to work out how mine’s wired.



        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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