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      I have a TV on board our Bav30, and looking more closely at the electrics, there is the following

      12V from house battery –> an inverter (350w ouput max) 240V AC

      TV power suppy plugs into the inverter with a normal 3 pin mains plug.

      12V DC from TV power supply —-> TV

      What is the point of the inverter here ?
      does anyone else have this ?

      Surely if must waste a whole load more electric by changing it to 240V AC and back.


        I agree with you, if the TV can be supplied direct with 12V DC then that will use less power than supplying it through an Inverter. I would only use anything supplied from an Inverter if it was meant for AC supply only, and then only if I had to, as an Inverter will tend to give your domestic battery a hard time. Having said that, giving your battery a hard time is ok, if it is spec’d correctly and then charged correctly too, so it’s horses for courses!

        Steve May. “Betty Blue”


          You might want to check if the TV can take the range of voltage likely to come from the boat “supply”. The battery, alternator and charger will all give voltages other than 12V. Sometimes the TV will be ok with this, but sometimes it actually needs a regulated 12V supply which is what it would get from its own 12V PSU.

          The invertor will provide a stablised 240V voltage on a range of input from say 10.5V to maybe 15V. So the TV PSU will then produce exactly the right voltage for the TV.

          This method does “cost” power – maybe 15% will be lost in the various conversions.


            I have an LCD TV on Playtime that came with a 240 AC to 12V DC power supply ‘brick’.

            I quickly reached the same conclusion that driving it through an inverter was unnecessary and made up a new cable to supply the TV direct from 12V; it works fine with no problems.

            As suggested above, you should check that the TV will be OK to work at up to 14.4V (if you will ever run the TV while charging – shore power or engine) but I suspect, like mine, that it will be OK.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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