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      The engine hour read out at the base of the rev counter has gone blank on my 2004 B36 any ideas? I do not want to replace the rev counter but keeping a manual record is a pain.

      Thanks Keith & Carole Wave Dancer


        By a rev counter off ebay and install it in engine bay.


          This is a common fault on the Volvo hour meter. Mostly caused by damp you will find if the sun happens to be directly on the rev counter it will dry out and read again. It will still clock up the hours so any reading will be accurate. Alternate to dismantle and put in airing cupboard.


            I have had mine go blank and return so that must be the reason!



              Thanks guys I will remove the rev counter over the weekend and put it in the airing cupboard. See if this works.

              Keith, Wave Dancer.


                I have the same problem, but it’s intermittent. I’ve tried cleaning up the contacts, but that hasn’t solved the problem. If anyone’s found a definated fix i’d be interested.



                  I have the same problem on a 2005 Bavaria 32 that I have just bought. If I remove the meter and take it home and put in airing cupboard will it still retain the hours reading? Is it a digital or mechanical system? How does warming/drying it out help?


                    My 3 Bavarias all needed the tacho replaced, just keep the old one and hand over when you sell the yacht. It always happends, poor design. As other post buy new tacho and fit in engine bay.


                      The reading is retained. Mine is exposed to the Sun in Summer (under cover) Just now the reading has faded, very common fault.


                        Have you tried adjusting the contrast? When we bought our Bav 34 (2009) last year the LCD display wouldn’t work but playing around with the contrast function via the multifunction button on the EVC brought it to life. Hold the button in for 5 seconds. Details are in the Operator’s Manual see; Page 14

                        Worth giving it a try.


                          Re above reply, the website address didn’t copy properly. It’s


                            This is a common fault, I fitted a sepearte hour meter purchased off e-bay, fit on the live side of the ignition so every time its turned on it starts counting, and as the ignition is only on when the engine is running.
                            Lastchance Medway


                              Hi, from experience you can dry them out but they will fail again. Replace the meter, it is very easy. See how using this link;

                              best regards



                                I have found that the reading comes and goes and has done for a couple of years on my 2006 B33. The airing cupboard solution certainly works and the hours continue to update as mentioned above, but it’s a bit of a pain having to dismount the unit every so often and the screw threads are starting to suffer. Still, cheaper than a new one!
                                David “April Folly”


                                  Hi guys, very late imput here as I’m a new member, I purchased my boat with approx 600 hours, but both penta tachometer were blank. Ordered new lcd screens for them, opened them up and replaced. They are simply on a ribbon. £15 approx each tachometer, now both perfectly working, I think they are susceptible to uv.


                                  Anyway may help someone out, also I can assist if required 🙂

                                  <p style=”text-align: right;”>Ryan</p>

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