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      The engine hours log has failed for the second time on our 2005 B36. Has anyone fitted a different log perhaps in the engine bay. If so are they easy to install. Thanks


        I am guessing that it is a Volvo Penta engine and you are referring to the tachometer read out of engine hours.

        If so it may be worth speaking to your local Volvo dealer as there was a programme to replace certain control boxs due to issues such as random resetting of engine hours.

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          After a little investigation I have found the quality campaign reference number for the replacement of the Electrical Distribution control box (MDI). It refers to units fitted to Volvo Penta D1B and D2B/D engines and was implemented due to possible starting problems and/or failures to deliver instrumentation signals.

          The quality campaign number was 4877-1677, issued on the 27/02/08.

          Quite often eligable serial numbers don’t receive the up-grades required under quality campaigns due to a change of ownership and and therefore the dealer/manufacturers loss of the ability to make contact with the current owner, I don’t know if this maybe what has happened in your case, although being commissioned in 2005 it is possible that it falls outside of the campaign serial numbers.

          If you wish to find out if your engine is covered by the original campaign you can make contact with Volvo Penta via 01923 228 544.

          Should your engine fall outside of the serial number range it is worth asking for a policy replacement free of charge or at least at a discount leaving you only with having to foot the cost of the labour. This kind of thing is sometimes done by manufacturers as a sign of goodwill where components fail well before their reasonable expectant life or in the event of a known problem outside of warranty.

          Hope the above helps,

          Kind regards


            Its probably too late for you now as you have replaced your engine log, but when mine failed for the second time, I took the panel off and left it in the airing cupboard for a couple of days. When you reinstall it bingo, all back to normal. This winter I shall remove it when I lay the boat up, put it in a dry place, and I’m not expecting anymore probs. It seems like its a moisture thing affecting the led readout.



              I have fitted 2 one to my friends B32 & on my own B38

              On the B32 using a tank cutter drilled a 50mm hole in the side of the binnacle connected the neutral wire to neutral & pos wire to the live side when the engine on switch is on to start the engine

              So that every time the engine is started the clock is counting used an analogue type rather than digital found on e-bay for around £25-£30

              Last Chance


                Had my MDI unit replaced in 2008 as part of the quality campaign although no fault was apparent however this weekend my D2-75 engine just didn’t want to start. pushing the EVC start button just caused a click and nothing else! not sure if its the MDI unit but after messing around for an hour she fired up. however sometimes it takes 2 or 3 pushes of the start buton to get her to fir up. has any on got a schematic of the MDI unit part number 21120710? Cheers

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