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      Given that Volvo spares are expensive (and probably rebranded from other suppliers anyway) it would be useful for all members to have a list of equivalent items for commonly used parts like fuels filters, oil filters, impellers etc.

      I’ll start by asking if anyone knows of any equivalent parts for the Volvo MD22L but feel free to add your 5 pen’orth if you have equivalents for other engines.

      Note: If your engine is still in the warranty period then best not use ‘equivalents’ – it may invalidate the warranty. Thereafter, if you do your own maintenance, it’s up to you what parts you use!

      Thanks in advance


        Hi, I think this would be a very usefull topic. I serviced my engine this year and I bought all the fuel and oil filters and the oil from a Volvo Truck dealer. The parts were easily identified and cross referenced with the marine part numbers. Some parts were much cheaper and others were only slightly cheaper. The oil had a picture of a truck on the front instead of a marine engine but it was the same spec. It is a pity that the truck dealer does not sell annodes. It would be interesting to find out to what extent other marine engine parts are compatible with truck engines.

        Regards, John,


          Hi John

          I was thinking of car parts – bits you can buy in the local Halfords (which is just up the road from the marina) but truck bits could be even better value!

          For instance, I use Castrol GTD oil which has the right spec and is about £16 for 5 litres.

          I remember someone saying that the oil filter is the same as a Peugeot, but I can’t remember the model.

          The primary fuel filter is a standard CAV296 – I just need the equivalent car part number.

          The secondary fuel filter and the impeller might be more ‘specialist’.

          As for anodes, I suspect we are stuck with Volvo for now unless anyone fancies doing lost wax casting!


            My mate with the Warrior 40 and an MD22L engine has just given me the following equivalents

            Primary Fuel Coopers AZF 015
            Crossland 522
            Lucas 296

            Main Fuel Coopers AZF 090
            Crossland 5006

            Oil Coopers Z796

            Can’t vouch for these but he is usually pretty reliable.


              I’ve just received a further input from my Warrior 40 friend, as follows:

              “I always go to Unipart in Fareham on the right, just under the railway bridge off the A27 as you go towards Swanwick.

              The 3 filters I buy for my Penta 22L are: UGCGFE 5370 Primary Fuel, UGCGFE 5304 Main Fuel and UGCGFE484 Oil.

              Total cost for these 3 is £15 including VAT! I always buy a genuine Jabsco impeller. I once fitted one that I bought at a chandlers for the Perkins Perama in Wysiwyg (previous boat) that looked a bit different (not Jabsco or Volvo) and it failed mid season (never had one go before or since).”

              The location of Unipart is only of any value if you berth in the Fareham/Gosport area but the Unipart numbers may be of use if you have an MD22L.

              I still don’t have equivalent car models, though.


                Hi Roger, have allways used KEYPART, they specialise in replacement parts that fit volvo engines at competitive prices…ed holmes

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