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      Having successfully cured my recent anti-freeze problem something new has crept out of the woodwork (or should that be GRP??). Like my Volvo 202OD engine the gear selector and throttle control has worked faultlessly since 2002 but now, for some reason, it has become very stiff and the neutral button in the control lever hub keeps on sticking, sometimes in, sometimes out. There seems to be a tendency for the saildrive to stick in reverse, regardless of the position of the control lever and neutral button.

      Before you all shout “have you lubricated the control lever mechanicals hidden away inside the binnacle of my B32?” the answer is “yes I have, religiously, during each winter’s lay-up”. There appears to be plenty of grease on all the moving parts, so I can’t see what the problem can be. Before I start taking the binnacle to bits to fit a new control unit does anyone have any experience of this problem?

      Answers on a postcard please…

      Ian Culley
      B32 Another Fantasy


        What is the state of the seal on the throttle lever.
        If water gets in it can cause corrosion


          ….thanks for the post; a good thought. The seal looks ok but I’ll check again for any sign of corrosion.

          Ian C

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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